At a crucial point in your career, if you decide to pursue your higher education in Germany, begins mayhem of life-changing choices. Particularly for an international student,  it is even more confusing to make important decisions for his/her education because they don’t have first-hand knowledge to all necessary information and have to depend on secondary and not entirely convincing sources. It is common to get lost into a myriad of information available online and even harder to know the credibility of the source. This leads students into a trap of abroad education consultants. Studying abroad is an important decision which comes in a students’ life and giving the command of this decision in the hands of education consultants, will be the worst decision you will ever make in your life, we will tell you why.

  1. No Experience

Mostly, education consultants don’t have any first-hand experience themselves and their knowledge is mostly based on information available online. They themselves have never been to any university in Germany and don’t really understand what is required. Thus, their information can be partial, lack important details or may not turn out to be what you expected.

  1. Below Potential Universities

Education Consultants’ target is to just get you into any university. They will propose you universities which are way below your potential. Mostly their tendency is to sell you into any course in any university irrespective of whether it is good or not, in order to maintain their 100% admission success rate. They will push you into universities without any reputation which will leave you with almost no opportunity in the job market and a huge hole in your pocket.

  1. Commission on your admission

Some consultants have tie-ups with several private universities in Germany which do not have any reputation and are seeking international students only to suck up hefty tuition fees from them. Education consultants will try to push you into these universities so that they can earn a commission on your admission. They don’t really care about your future and would not hesitate to throw you into a pithole for their benefit.

  1. Fake Fake Fake

There have been several issues addressed by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) about several education consultant companies to have been falsely claiming to represent German universities or institutions, or have been found using logos or elements of corporate identity of German institutions to give such an impression. This is entirely their marketing agenda to make you fall into their trap, and attain hefty fees for their service.


The best option to attain guidance for your study in Germany is directly from students and alumni in Germany as they have real experience and knowledge. So don’t go for education consultants to study in Germany rather make students and alumni in Germany itself your personal education advisor. You can do this now with the help of websites like Student Advise Me as it allows you to connect with existing students and alumni in Germany for a one-to-one mentoring session to resolve your queries and guide you in a right direction.

So, don’t get into the trap of education consultants, rather get a clear picture of courses and universities in Germany directly from students or alumni in Germany with the help of Student Advise Me.

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