What is meant by profile evaluation & its importance?

In the initial step of profile evaluation, it is checked whether the professional or academic background that you have is sufficiently good or not for the purpose of higher studies in Germany.

Getting a profile evaluated means getting it reviewed by an expert who provides you with feedback on how to make your profile better and match the standards of the university that one wishes to apply for.

Profile evaluation is necessary to plan your master’s in Germany effectively, as students are generally stuck in various dilemmas such as:-

  • Which college is the best option as per the particular profile that you have
  • How maximum impact could be created from their profile and which profile section needs to be highlighted for this
  • What is the probability that they will get selected in the college they are looking for
  • What are their weaknesses in your profile, and how can they strengthen it
  • What are the qualities and skills in their activities and experiences that could be highlighted


Ways for profile evaluation:

  • Profile Evaluation Tool:  

This is the tool that helps in profile evaluation and identification and then universities are shortlisted by this tool. The basis of university shortlists is profile in their databases that closely or exactly match with your profile. However, profile evaluation tool has some disadvantages as well. Unless certain mathematical models are not there at the basis of profile evaluation tool, all of these evaluations are totally subjective in nature. It is not possible for anyone to tell with accuracy as to how the profile can tab compared with others in the particular university and domain.

  • Existing students or Alumni in Germany:

One of the best ways to evaluate your profile is directly from the students and alumni in Germany, nothing can match the accuracy and practicality of the guidance provided by those who have already experienced the process and are pursuing their desired qualification in Germany. However, finding students and alumni in Germany who are willing to help and provide you genuine guidance is tedious. For this Student Advise Me comes pretty handy, as it connects you via video and audio call with students and alumni in Germany in order to evaluate your profile and clearly guide you what you can expect from your profile based on their experience. Also, they guide you with all your queries in order to plan your study in Germany and ask them anything and everything you want to know about studying in Germany.

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