Are you considering an academic life in Germany? It’s understandable- after all, Germany is the hotspot of superior quality research work and advanced scholastic career options, often unavailable in one’s home country. Whether it’s an application for MS, Ph.D. or something else, Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Curriculum Vitae (CV) play key roles. They can literally be the deciding factor for your selection.

Why are they so vital? Any well known German university is a target for scores of hopeful students. Grade cards and GPA play an important part, true. But equally important is how well one presents himself. And when the student can’t be present physically to market his skills in front of the judging panel, it is his CV and SOP which determine his fate.  

A CV is the summarised aggregation of facts about the student’s academic, industrial and extracurricular achievements. From 10th grade scores to graduation GPA, from first completed academic project to the last conference paper- this is where it all goes. Needless to say, it only needs to contain facts and figure. Crisp, short and simple is what a CV should look like. One major recommendation for CV is to use European styled templates, which makes it easier for the professors responsible for evaluating the CV. A rule of thumb is that it should never go beyond 2 pages.

SOP, on the other hand, depicts the story of your scholastic journey. Why should they select you, besides your academic achievements? The way you set up your SOP narrates to the panel regarding your dreams, your passion, your motivations and why you are the perfect candidate for the university. SOP is how the professors at the target university check if your interests align with theirs, so it is necessary to exercise prudence while writing one. It cannot be a sob story starting from your childhood, in fact, it should limit itself to your calling, how you found it, and what are your plans for the future.

So once you have a basic CV and SOP in hand, next is working on it to visually and contextually improve it. The best way to do this is by getting in touch with students who have already cracked the procedure and studying in the choice of your university in Germany, in other words, an alumnus who was once in your shoes. Student Advise Me is an online portal that helps you contact such alumni and set up a one-to-one mentoring session for full guidance through audio/video calls. Whether its help with SOP, CV or simple queries regarding the university life in Germany, profile related questions or financial estimation, your mention can help you zero in on your faults fast and efficiently.  Not only can they review your SOP and CV, but they can also suggest changes and tweak it to better appeal to the university. With the right mentor, your dreams of Germany can turn into reality.

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